Insane Chevy Corvette C3 Render by Khyzyl Saleem

Insane Chevy Covette C3 Render by Khyzyl Saleem

Planning a new project based on the old-school Chevy Corvette C3? Get ready to see something truly inspiring. Famous automotive CG artist Khyzyl Saleem has created a unique and subtle body kit designed to spice up the new stance project by the guys over at Mapet Tuning from Poland.

It features extra-wide fender flares carefully matched with the original body lines of the C3 Vette and brutal time-attack inspired front and rear diffusers that create a cyber-punk ground-hugging appearance.

Stanced Chevy Corvette C3

The project car is set to be introduced at one of the largest European stance festival Ultarace 2020, later this year.

Chevy Corvette C3 front bumper chin spoiler
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Lowered Chevy Corvette C3 in red color
Chevy Corvette C3 wide front fenders

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