Guide: Best Exhaust for A Dodge Durango R/T & SRT – Borla S-type vs ATAK

Dodge Durango R/T Borla S-Type cat back dual exhaust

Even though the exhaust sound of a 2021-2022 DODGE Durango SRT is pretty good even in the stock form there is still room for improvement. In this review, we decided to compare both S-Type and ATAK exhaust systems for these awesome SUVs and figure out if they’re better than the stock exhaust.

The Sound

Deep exhaust rumble is one of the coolest things about driving American muscle cars. Violent thrilling tones produced by mighty V8s are terrifying and incredibly pleasing at the same time. They allow you to feel total control of the ground shifting power under the hood and put a smile on your face every time you step on the throttle.

The exhaust sound is like a bad drug that causes addiction and makes you want to increase the dose (at least that’s what they show in the movies) when you get used to it. You just desperately want to bring back the thrill you experienced when heard it for the first time. So when the stock exhaust sound is no longer enough for you, here’s where the aftermarket dealers will give you a helping dose, a helping hand.
2016 Dodge Durango R/T on Ferrada FT3 22×10.5 rims and brembo brakes

Why Factory Exhausts Are Not That Good

Due to the emission restrictions and various regulations the car manufacturers must comply with, the exhaust systems on production vehicles are limited in both sound and performance output and your Dodge Durango is not an exception.

Why BORLA S-Type or ATAK exhausts are better than stock?

Both of these aftermarket systems eliminate the restrictions on the way of exhaust gases, improving the speed of the flow.

It optimizes the engine operation and allows you to improve the performance. To achieve the best results, it’s also recommended to upgrade the air intake system. This way the engine will get more air and fuel to burn and provide more HP and Torque.

Sound Comparison: stock vs S-Type vs ATAK

Both systems gradually increase the tone of the exhaust, with S-Type being a STAGE 1 and ATAK being a STAGE 2.


  • If your main objective is the rich and deep muscle-car growl during acceleration without being too violent, an S-Type will be perfect for you. It has a gradual improvement over the stock exhaust yet maintains a comfortable interior sound level at the cruising speeds.


  • The ATAK system provides an aggressive sound level that fully unleashes the sinister nature of your supercharged V8. Its growls is rich and powerful, yet not irritating, thanks to Borla’s “No Drone” technology.
    While the interior sound is pretty close to the S-Type for the sake of driving comfort, you will definitely be heard from the outside.

Dodge Durango Cat back exhaust system by borla S-Type

What’s included?

Both systems are nearly identical, except for the mufflers and replacing everything behind the factory catalytic converters. It includes front mufflers, merge X-pipe, all piping, S-type or ATAK series mufflers, and optional exhaust tips in black or chrome finish (you can also reuse your factory tips with this system).

System Features

  • Cat-Back™ Exhaust System
  • ATAK® Sound Level
  • No-Drone
  • 3” Diameter Dual System
  • 4.5″ Bright Chrome On T-304 Stainless Steel Tips
  • T-304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Million-Mile Warranty

Understanding Part numbers

All of these systems are designed for the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat, equipped with a 6.2L Super-Charged V8 engine and AWD automatic transmission.

Borla 140885BC exhaust for Dodge Durang SRT

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  • Part# 140885 – With Polished Tips
  • Part# 140885BC – With Black Chrome Tips
  • Part# 140887 – Without tips (You can reuse your factory exhaust tips)

Borla 140886BC exhaust for Dodge Durang SRT


  • Part# 140886 – With Polished Tips
  • Part# 140886BC – With Black Chrome Tips
  • Part# 140888 – Without tips (You can reuse your factory exhaust tips)

What’s the HP and Torque gain?

While the manufacturer does not list the exact information on the torque and HP gains, you can expect up to 5-10% improvement depending on the mods that you have on your vehicle.

Dodge Duranfo R/T on air suspension


Everything is designed for a direct bolt-on installation and requires no welding. All mounting hardware comes in the set along with detailed installation instructions for easy DIY installation.

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