Slammed 2010 Dodge Charger build – FU🎀 Covid Design With A Push Bar

Modified Dodge Charger sedan with a bull bar

The Dodge Charger is a long-running muscle car that was launched back in 1964. Various versions and models have been built during this time, but most of the run it was a performance-oriented vehicle intended to deliver an exciting driving experience. The current-gen variant entered the market in 2005 as a 4-door sedan. One of just a few models offering this body style, the Charger still delivers all the features it is known for – excellent overall performance, distinctive styling, and a lot of power.

Thanks to all these features combined with increased practicality if compared to other performance cars, the Dodge Charger is one of the most popular platforms in the segment. Besides, the domestic nature of the model and affordability of components are also on the plus side.

Dodge Charger with a police push bar

Black and white Dodge Charger with air suspensionOne of such car enthusiasts owning the 2010 Charger did a great and extensive job of turning his vehicle into a real head-turner. His Instagram nickname is @urfavrt and the entire project has a Covid Build name and is dedicated to the memory of his father. Both performance and visual upgrades were made to the Charger in order to make it one of a kind. For instance, to increase the output of the power mill, there are ported throttle body manifold, 180-degree thermostat, long tube headers, and air intake.

Dodge Charger black overfenders

The list of exterior modifications is much wider – the front end of the Charger now incorporates the bumper, fender flares and hood by Charged Motorworks, custom LED headlights and police push bar completes an aggressive front look. As for the rear end, it got some serious attention too – there are window louvers, roof spoiler, and “regular” rear spoiler by Redeye. Speaking about the overall look, the car comes with a full custom body kit by Motorworks and custom vinyl wrap and rides on Redeye wheels with custom powder coating. To complete the image and add more excitement, the Charger received an air suspension system, a high-quality sound system, and CarLock security system. Various pictures of this significantly upgraded Dodge Charger you can see not only on the streets but also on Instagram.  

Black and white vinyl wrapSpecs & Mods


– Long tube headers
– Ported Throttle Body manifold
– 180 tstat and intake

Bagged Dodge Charger with a push barInterior/Exterior:

– Air suspension system
– Custom powder coated wheels
– Custom vinyl wrap
– Sound system
– CarLock security
– Full custom charged Motorworks body kit
– Rear window louvers
– Roof spoiler
– Redeye spoiler
– Redeye wheels
– Charged motorworks fender flares
– Charged motorworks front bumper
– Charged motorworks demon hood
– Custom headlights
– Police Push bar

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Watch the progress and find out more about this Dodge Charger project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @urfavrt

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