2013 Ford Mustang GT With Shelby GT500 Front-end & Super Snake Carbon Hood

2013 Ford Mustang GT With Shelby GT500 Front-end & Super Snake Carbon Fiber Hood

In the world of American muscle cars, the Ford Mustang stands as an undying symbol of power and style, and a 2013 Mustang GT isn’t any exception. Our feature for today is no ordinary pony car. It’s a sinister-looking, blacked-out Mustang GT that has undergone an impressive transformation, proving once again that this model is the modern reincarnation of the good old American Muscles.

The car has gone through various stages of upgrades, morphing from its stock form to a mean-looking ride that would make any enthusiast do a double-take. With a complete GT500 front-end swap, a Super Snake carbon fiber hood, and an extensive array of other tasteful modifications in the current setup, this car isn’t just about looking pretty in a garage – it’s meant to roar on the open road.

Blacked out 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake replica

About the Model

The Ford Mustang S197 II, manufactured between 2011 and 2014, marks a significant evolution in Mustang’s history. These cars are notable for combining modern performance standards with the timeless design elements that have defined the Mustang lineage for decades.

“Car and Driver called the S197 II Mustang GT a “muscular beast” when it first came out, lauding its V8 engine’s potent 412 horsepower output, enhanced by an advanced 32-valve DOHC design”.

The appeal of the S197 II generation lies in its blend of old and new, a muscular American spirit, and surprising finesse. While some might argue that a stock Mustang GT isn’t the perfect sports car, a properly selected series of modifications and upgrades can push it very close to perfection.

American Muscle Torque Thrust 5x114 rimsTires: 215/18/35 fronts and 305/35/19 rears
American Muscle Torque Thrust 5×114 rims wrapped in 215/18/35 front and 305/35/19 rear tires.

The 2013 GT Build

The 2013 Mustang GT featured here, for instance, is a perfect example of such build, as it unleashes the performance potential and raw muscle car aesthetics that lies within these cars. It’s no wonder that the S197 II generation has cemented itself as a favorite among the community of modified muscle car enthusiasts.

“The trend of modifying Ford Mustangs is deeply ingrained in car culture, with owners constantly pushing the boundaries to create a unique expression of their individuality and a testament to the Mustang’s everlasting appeal”.

Performance Mods

The beating heart of this Mustang GT has been significantly enhanced, with performance upgrades aimed at increasing the car’s power while ensuring it runs smoothly and reliably. A JLT oil catch can and a ported Boss 302 manifold increase the engine’s efficiency, while the BBK 90mm throttle body and SR performance cold air intake maximize airflow. The SVT water pump, BBK lightweight harmonic balancer, and Cold Case radiator, coupled with the SVT radiator fan, ensure optimal cooling under heavy throttle.

Black Ford Mustang GT Grille with red Shelby logo


The car sits on Eibach drag lowering springs and BMR sway bars front and rear, improving its stance, handling, and cornering prowess. These suspension upgrades not only give the car an aggressive, planted look but also translate into tangible performance gains on the street and the strip.


Custom wheels are just as important as any performance mod, and this Mustang doesn’t disappoint. The car sits on American Muscle Torque Thrust 5×114 rims wrapped in 215/18/35 tires at the front and beefy 305/35/19 tires at the rear, providing ample grip to match its power.


The exterior transformation of the car is just as dramatic as its performance enhancements. With a complete GT500 front-end swap and a Super Snake carbon fiber hood, this Mustang GT has transformed into an aggressive beast that commands attention wherever it goes.

Blacked out and modified Ford Mustang GT S197


Step inside, and you’ll find a cockpit ready for action. Recaro racing seats hold the driver firmly in place, and a Sparco 5-point harness ensures safety during spirited driving. A harness bar further accentuates the car’s track-focused nature, giving a nod to Mustang’s storied racing heritage.

In Conclusion

From the extensively upgraded engine to the carefully chosen suspension modifications, this car exemplifies what the culture of American muscle car modification is all about: individual expression, performance enhancement, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. This Mustang GT serves as a reminder that with the right passion and knowledge, the spirit of American muscle can be brought out in new and exciting ways.

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Carbon Fiber Super Snake Shelby GT500 hood
Carbon Fiber Super Snake Shelby GT500 hood.

Specs & Mods:
2013 Ford Mustang GT


  • JLT oil catch can
  • Ported Boss 302 manifold
  • BBK 90m throttle body
  • SR performance cold air intake
  • C&L maf
  • Spit fire coils
  • SVT water pump
  • BBK Light weight hormonic balancer
  • BBK shorty headers
  • SLP high flow cats
  • Flow master outlaws mufflers
  • Cold case radiator
  • SVT radiator fan


  • Eibach drag lowering springs
  • BMR sway bars front and rear


  • Recaro racing seats
  • Sparco 5 point harness and harness bar


  • Complete gt500 front end swap
  • Supersnake carbon fiber hood

Wheels / Tires

  • Rims: American Muscle Torque Thrust 5×114 rims
  • Tires: 215/18/35 fronts and 305/35/19 rears

Shelby GT500 Front bumper with custom front lip and splitter

Watch the progress and find out more about this 2013 Mustang GT /302 project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @poetick_5.oh!

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