New Edge Ford Mustang With Wide Body Fender Flares and Custom Aero

New Edge Mustang Build With Wide Body Fender Flares and Custom Aero

Our today’s feature is dedicated to a very special New Edge Mustang build, that was put together by a big fan and enthusiast of this model in his own garage. The care and dedication that went into this build is evident from the first glance.

FOrd Mustang SN95 New Edge Wickerbill ducktail spoiler


It started life as a black GT, but was later DIY painted by the owner in bright red color, which created a perfect styling base for further exterior upgrads.

Red FOrd Mustang SN95 New Edge on Cosmis Racing XT206r wheels

Unlike many SN95 projects, this build features a more aggressive track-inspired styling with a low and wide stance and custom wide-body aero. If you take a closer look at the exterior of the car you will find a lot of unique solutions inspired by the world of motorsports tastefully combined with more common New Edge upgrades.

The front 03-04 Cobra bumper was further enhanced with a black custom grille, center-mount LED lightbar, racing-style cut-outs and a cool custom fabricated lip.

Ford Mustang SN95 widebody fender flares

Widebody Ford Mustang SN95 With custom splitter

“So, my take was a hybrid of the Magicdrift lip and Carters Customs race splitter with a couple extension pieces for a slightly deeper lip in the front but not as deep as the race lip. This also gave me the proper rod angle and positioning – I really liked how @rebellious_mach did his and I wanted to do something similar but four rods instead! I also cut out the two vertical beams that is usually inside the bottom valance opening (where the light bar is). Definitely opened up the bottom half!”

Other major exterior upgrades include the custom hood with the scoop, side skirts, rear diffuser, cobra wing with a wickerbill, C2 Carter’s Customs rear diffuser, rear window louvers and of course a set of custom fender flares that cover wide 18×11 Cosmis Racing XT206r wheels all around.

Ford Mustang SN95 New Edge Custom HEX LED Headlights and LED Fogs

Custom Headlights

Another striking detail is the set of custom projector headlights with black internals and HEX LED DRLs that add some sort of syber-punkish character to the look of this Mustang. Blacked-out LED taillights continue the theme on the back of the car.

Ford Mustang SN95 New Edge rear wide body fenders custom


  • Custom paint
  • Custom Front lip and wickerbill wing designs
  • Rear Diffuser by Carters Customs
  • Rear Louvers by Ikonmotorsports
  • Custom HEX Headlights with remote
  • K2 Motor custom taillights
  • Widebody kit with (4) 18×11 Cosmis Racing XT206r wheels
18x11 Cosmis Racing XT206r wheels
Widebody kit with (4) 18×11 Cosmis Racing XT206r wheels
  • 315x30x18 Falken Tires
  • Eibach suspension
  • SLP LM1s exhaust, stock cats
  • K&N air intake
  • American Muscle accessories

Carbon fiber accessories

2003 Ford Mustang SN95 Terminator bumper with splitter


All of these modifications help to give this Ford Mustang SN95 New Edge build a truly unique and aggressive look that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. If you’re a fan of the New Edge Mustang, or just cars in general, this build is definitely worth taking a look at. It’s amazing what can be done with a little bit of ingenuity and some hard work in the garage.

Watch the progress and find out more about this Ford Mustang project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @krimzon_dynamo!

Modified Ford Mustang SN95 New Edge on Csmis racing wheels

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– This New Edge build shows that a creative approach to universal parts can bring you a pretty unique result if you choose them wisely and do some cutting. Here are some universal aftermarket lips, spoilers and splitters that you can consider using on your car to achieve similar styling.

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Wide Fender Flares

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