Modified Dodge Charger SXT on Coilovers With a Low Stance

Modified Dodge Charger SXT on Coilovers With a Low Stance

Welcome to another car showcase here at! This week, we’re going to be diving into the often overlooked, yet remarkably stylish Dodge Charger SXT. The beauty of the Charger, no matter the model, lies not just under the hood, but in the aggressive, sleek exterior lines that breathe fire into its presence on the road. Today’s model is an exquisite embodiment of a tastefully modified, budget-friendly vehicle boasting a sexy stance and a handful of tasteful exterior mods.

Resting on the lower end of the Dodge Charger hierarchy, the SXT model is often shunned in favor of its high-powered siblings like the Scat Pack, SRT, and the beastly Hellcat. Nevertheless, the SXT’s graceful exterior and potential for aesthetic customization make it an underdog worth your attention.

The example we’re about to explore, with its lowered stance and subtle modifications, is a statement of individuality that radiates its owner’s passion for stylish cars. Read on as we peel back the layers of this customized Dodge Charger SXT, and revel in the magic of its simple nature.

2013 Dodge Charger SXT Custom White LED taillights by Luxe Auto Customs
Luxe Auto Concepts smoke/stealth tail light tint film with gloss white outlining

About the Model

The modern Dodge Charger, a four-door powerhouse, has been ruling the roads since 2006. This muscle car incarnate straddles the line between family sedan practicality and heart-thumping performance, a balancing act it executes with grace. With its roomy interiors, impressive road presence, and numerous customization options, the Charger has secured its place as a beloved icon of the American automotive landscape.

When discussing muscle cars, many immediately think of roaring V8 engines and the adrenaline-fueled acceleration they offer. It’s true that the high-horsepower Scat Packs, SRTs, and Hellcats have cornered the market on brute force, but let’s not discount the aesthetic appeal of the Charger SXT. Its curvaceous bodywork is ripe for customization, offering the same potential for stylish exterior mods as its high-powered brethren. You want custom headlights, taillights, spoilers, splitters? You’ve got it. It’s all bolt-on, with minimal customization necessary.

There might be some die-hard muscle car fans who scoff at the idea of taking an SXT over a V8 option. Their argument: power over style. But isn’t the beauty of car modification about self-expression, about creating something that is uniquely ‘you’? If you have a vision, the Charger SXT offers a brilliant canvas. Its elegant silhouette can be accentuated, tweaked, and shaped to match your wildest imaginations thanks to the sheer aftermarket support, proving that the thrill of owning it isn’t just about horsepower, but also about style, creativity, and personal taste.

Lowered Dodge Charger SXT V6 on Godspeed Coilovers
Rolling on ESR CR5 Hyper Silver wheels at the front and ESR CS15 Hyper Silver at the rear, this Charger exudes a stealthy elegance. These wheels add a classy touch without overpowering the appearance. Their high-quality build and intricate design reflect in their gleam, adding to the visual flair of the vehicle.

The Car

Our featured Dodge Charger SXT displays a subtle harmony of style. Its Godspeed Coilovers suspension drops the Charger closer to the ground, lending it a low, prowling stance. This low-profile demeanor isn’t just for looks, though. It provides a lower center of gravity, which enhances the car’s balance, cornering, and road-hugging attributes.

Custom LED tail lights for Dodge Charger with white line and smoked lenses
The subtlety of the exterior mods is the real character of this vehicle. A blacked-out roof and headlights provide a stark contrast to the red body color, while the Luxe Auto Concepts smoke/stealth tail light tint with gloss white outlining elevates the overall aesthetic to another level. These thoughtful modifications exude a certain enigmatic charm that is both captivating and intriguing.

Specs & Mods:


  • Front: ESR CR5 Hyper Silver
  • Rear: ESR CS15 Hyper Silver


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  • Godspeed Coilovers


  • Backed out roof & headlights
  • Luxe Auto Concepts smoke/stealth tail light tint film with gloss white outlining
Modded V6 Charger SXT build on coilover suspension
So, there you have it. This Dodge Charger SXT is proof that you don’t need to break the bank to own a car that catches an eye. Its simple beauty shows us that, with the right touches, a budget-friendly Charger SXT can look just as good as its high-horsepower counterparts. If you want to dive into the world of car modification or simply express your unique style without splashing out on a Hellcat, the SXT is a model to consider.

Watch the progress and find out more about this Dodge Charger project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @staticboat!

Photography by 📸: @johnnydrums956

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