Ford Mustang New Edge Track Build With Coyote Swap

While the majority of the New Edge Mustang builds are focused on the looks, exhaust sounds, and HP gains, some owners go far beyond that, turning their cars into serious track tools.

The New Edge Mustang is a good platform for the fans of V8 engine cars looking to get into autocross or track days. With certain amount of work, you can turn it into a car that’s capable of hanging with some of the best purpose-built track machines out there.

Ford Mustang New Edge circuit racing Track Build

Ford Mustang new edge with Maier racing fender flares and wide stance

If you compare these cars to European or Japanese counterparts, it’ll become evident that New Edges have certain drawbacks, but unlike many competitors, they are equipped with pretty capable V8 engines which makes them fun to drive and a little bit easier to work on.

These cars aren’t perfect, there may be some issues with handling, cornering, braking, and weight distribution in the stock form, but they can be resolved with a help of proper aftermarket upgrades.

New Edge with a roll cage

What matters a lot for anyone starting a project build is the availability of information on upgrades and certainly the aftermarket support. Luckily, for the last two decades the Mustang community accumulated a lot of knowledge about modifying these cars for track use, so if you are looking to start your own track build, you should definitely research what has been done before on the forums and niche magazines.

In this feature, we welcome you to take a closer look at one of such projects built by Sarth Benoit who successfully tracks his New Edge at the local circuits.

New Edge Ford Mustang with a racing splitter and lip

Ford Mustang new edge with Maximum motorsport racing suspension

If you look at the spec list below, you’ll see that nearly every component of the suspension, motor, and drivetrain had been replaced with aftermarket units, completely changing the way this car performs and handles at the track.

Ford Mustang NEW EDGE Track Build Specs


  • Maximum Motorsports tubular K-Member
  • Maximum Motorsports forward offset control arms
  • Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors
  • Maximum Motorsports panhard bar
  • Maximum Motorsports Torque arm
  • Maximum Motorsports rear lower control arms
  • Rear upper control arm delete
  • Maximum Motorsports coilovers (bilstein race valve shocks and struts)
  • Solid motor mounts



  • Brembo cobra R big brake kit
  • Hawk Pads


  • Stock calipers with Hawk pads

New Edge on sport coilover suspension by Motorsports


  • OMP halo race seat
  • 6 point harness
  • Ford racing steering wheel
  • 6pt roll cage

New Edge with Tremec T-56 Magnum transmission

Ford Mustang New Edge Track build with stripped out interior

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  • Tremec T-56 Magnum
  • D&D performance aluminum drive shaft
  • QuickTime bell housing
  • McLeod super street pro clutch
  • McLeod lightened flywheel
  • Ford racing 3:73 gear ratio

Ford Mustang SN 95 New Edge Gen 2 coyote crate motor swap


  • Gen 2 coyote crate motor
  • Manley tuff series rods
  • Steel Billet oil pump gears and timing gear combo
  • 2qt Accusump
  • Power by the hour accessory drive kit
  • BBK long tube headers
  • BBK Y- pipe
  • SLP loud mouths with turn downs

Data acquisition

  • Aim MXP


  • Rims: Cosmis Racing XT-006R 18×11
  • Tires: Toyo Proxes RR 18/30/315 Squared
Rims - Cosmis Racing XT-006R 18×11, Tires - Toyo Proxes RR 18/30/315 Squared
Rims – Cosmis Racing XT-006R 18×11, Tires – Toyo Proxes RR 18/30/315 Squared


  • Maier racing fender flares

New Edge Mustang with a racing wing

Ford Mustang New Edge time attack built Terminator cobra

Watch the progress and find out more about this Ford Mustang project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @silverstang34_!

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