Pontiac G8 Mods, Performance Upgrades & Gallery

The Pontiac G8 is a short-running powerful sedan marketed for just two years and one of the last models to be launched by the brand. Many car enthusiasts agree that it was the right car at the wrong time. The G8 was top-notch in virtually all means, including performance, look, overall design, body colors, and build quality, but a global economic crisis and GM corporate issues led to its fast discontinuation. The vehicle employed a solid 3.6 L V6 generating 256 hp in the base, offered both manual and automatic transmissions and rear-wheel drive layout. The range of features was solid too and different power units were available. The car did nothing wrong by itself, but difficult times lead to its unlucky fate. Just a little more than 30,000 units were sold in total.

pontiac g8 silver blue custom wheels
Lowered Pontiac G8 by IG @gman1227_

Why modify your Pontiac G8?

Whatever version of the Pontiac G8 you own, it surely delivers at least solid performance and looks excellent from the factory. But there is always room for improvement – either to push performance even further, add some personal touch or increase the level of comfort. Especially, if you own some rare version, you can make it totally unique. Three main types of modifications are performance, exterior and interior upgrades. As the name implies, performance ones will help you push your G8 to the limits, exterior mods will make it look special, while exterior upgrades will add comfort and convenience to your regular driving.

pontiac g8 brembo brakes custom led headlights wheels
Modified white Pontiac G8 by IG @ghostg8gt

pontiac g8 black
Clean Pontiac G8 by IG @just_a_g8