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Matt Grabli - Author Bio

Matt Grabli is the writer, journalist, editor-in-chief and the man behind Born into a family of car enthusiasts, Matt inherited a passion for cars and rumbling motors from his father. As a child, he was more captivated by bright car magazines than any other books or toys, spending all his pocket money on the latest issues of Motor Trend or Car & Driver.

Countless hours spent in the garage with his old man, doing regular maintenance, replacements, and engine rebuilds, fueled his passion even further.

Brave enough not to betray this passion, Matt chose a career path in the automotive field from a young age. Over the years, he has worked with numerous big names in the aftermarket parts industry, building a strong knowledge of modifications and upgrades available for cars and trucks.

MuscleCarDNA is not just a website for Matt; it is a project of passion. Besides his work here, you may have seen his publications in other digital magazines like Offroadium, Eurolism, and TunerDNA.

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