Ford F-150 Lightning Mods, Performance Upgrades & Gallery

The GT is not the only vehicle by the brand featuring a bunch of cutting-edge technologies. In the early 2020s, Ford launched a fully-electric version of their F-150 light-duty truck. The model takes its power from electric motors (usually two) delivering solid power output – even the base grade offers 426 hp, while the top-of-the-line one is capable of generating 563 hp. The torque numbers are impressive as well – all versions deliver 775 lb-ft, plus they all also have an all-wheel drive layout. Hence, apart from outstanding towing and payload characteristics let alone top-notch durability, the F-150 offers excellent acceleration of about 4.5 seconds (top-grade versions). The list of other capabilities impress even more, for instance, the truck can power an entire house for at least 3 days. The Ford F-150 Lightning was launched not a long time ago, but its future seems bright and successful.

Why modify your Ford F-150 Lightning?

Whatever version of the Ford F-150 Lightning you own, it surely delivers at least solid performance and looks excellent from the factory. But there is always room for improvement – either to push performance even further, add some personal touch or increase the level of comfort. Especially, if you own some rare version, you can make it totally unique. Three main types of modifications are performance, exterior and interior upgrades. As the name implies, performance ones will help you push your F-150 Lightning to the limits, exterior mods will make it look special, while exterior upgrades will add comfort and convenience to your regular driving.

ford f150 lightning svt-carloss white

What are performance mods / Common Performance mods

  • Air intakes
    A quite straightforward modification, it can also improve efficiency of the vehicle along with a throttle response. Compared to other engine upgrades, installing aftermarket air intakes is a more budget-friendly way of upgrade and it will still make a notable difference.
  • Turbocharger/superchargers
    In case you want some solid power enhancement, take a look at intercoolers – turbochargers and superchargers. They will increase performance of your four-wheeled friend significantly, but both installing such a unit or upgrading your existing one will lead to some serious expenses.
  • Performance Exhausts
    Upgrading the exhaust, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. First of all, the sound of your F-150 Lightning will be significantly better coming to a whole new level. Plus, thanks to different bends, gas will be better removed from the system resulting in lower backpressure and hence better performance.
  • Performance tuners/chips
    Current-time vehicles depend on computer systems more than even before. It not only makes driving easier and more comfortable, but also provides an opportunity to upgrade your vehicle in one more way.

ford f150 lightning motorator black